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Leadership Development Training for New Leaders and Managers

New leaders and managers are often on a steep learning curve. They have to learn an array of skills at speed and convey confidence in those skills from day 1 in their new roles. Organisations provide a varying range of leadership development training and leadership courses for new managers and leaders. Some new leaders have access to many training modules whilst others are thrown in the deep end and expected to simply learn on the job.

One of the difficulties with leadership development training is that there is no handbook and no single solution that can create the perfect leader. Whilst theory-based leadership development training is an excellent starting point for a new leader, it can be difficult to put some of that knowledge into practice, especially when things get busy (and we all know that is an every-day problem as a leader)! This is why our programmes focus on learning through doing, discussing and reflecting and learning through others’ experiences.

Our programmes focus on learning through doing, discussing and reflecting and learning through others' experiences
So What Can Make the Greatest Impact?

Questline leadership courses for new managers offer a different dimension to learning. We focus on experiential learning, exploring and dissecting every-day challenges that leaders face and offer the time, space and environment to self-reflect, learn from these experiences and take action. We build a network of peer-leaders who can go through this way of learning together, learn from each other and take this back to their organisations as a way of working for the future.

Through our leadership development training, we challenge autopilot, routine and status quo. We encourage delegates to creatively take on perceived barriers to progress by raising awareness beyond the daily mission and understand the bigger picture.

We build momentum through experiential development and marginal gains carried out in the clients’ own workplace — leadership development training whilst solving real world problems.

Our INSIGHT programme can further a new leader’s development journey by assessing a leader’s emotional intelligence in the first few months of a role and designing a developmental action plan to improve this vital leadership skill for the future.

The role of the Questline Coach and Facilitator in Leadership Development Training

Our coaches and facilitators are experts in guiding leaders through developing leadership skills and our programmes are designed to re-define what effective leadership means to them, focussing upon the art of leadership — the emotional intelligence which will enhance the leadership experience for our partners, their team and organisations.

Our leadership courses for new leaders or managers can run alongside a traditional leadership development training package already offered internally to help put the knowledge gained into practice and make more impact. They can also be really effective during the first few months of the leader’s journey to ensure there is a forum for new leaders to discuss and solve issues and continue to grow and develop.

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