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Leadership skills that focus on the doing not the saying.

What Leadership Skills do Leaders and Managers Want?

We know  leaders want to continually develop their leadership skills. Our leaders and managers want to be brave; showing compassion, empathy and emotional intelligence. They want to be decisive, making considered decisions and communicating them effectively. They want to learn and grow personally and as a team, seeing and feeling real progress and reflecting on continual improvements, having the courage and support to implement them. They want to collaborate assertively and confidently — they want to sleep well at night and be present — safe in the knowledge. Above all they want to continue to make a positive impact!

Certain factors can become obstacles preventing leaders considering leadership training courses for managers – budget constraints, time pressures and the perceived lack of options to change and redirect. Feelings of continually being in fire-fight mode without focus to step back and see the bigger picture and perspective. Perceived weaknesses and beliefs which can drain confidence and belief. The culture in the team/organisation may not feel like it could support these goals with fear, blame and resistance being prevalent. Some leaders may not even be aware of any obstacles.

We build momentum through experiential development and marginal gains carried out in the clients' own workplace -- developing leadership skills whilst solving real world problems
How Can I Improve my Leadership Skills?

So, what can be done to develop those leadership skills and continue towards those outcomes? And how to develop those leadership skills in the most impactful way? Most leaders and managers have had access to a lot of theory- based leadership training courses. These are an excellent starting point to equip leaders with new knowledge. But it can be difficult to put some of that knowledge into practice, especially when things get busy (and we all know that is an every-day problem as a leader)! This is why our approaches focus on learning through doing, discussing and reflecting and learning through others’ experiences.

We have a range of tools and solutions that are designed to help leaders and managers make more of an impact.  Our coaches and facilitators are experts in guiding leaders through the development of leadership skills. Whether it be one of our off the shelf packages, emotional intelligence assessments or a coaching partnership, we can find the best fit for you.

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