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Experiential Learning

Experiential learning helps you to know what greatness "feels" like

Questline's principles in Experiential Learning

Developing staff, in particular leaders in an organisation is at the forefront of organisational priorities. Organisations want to ensure their staff are equipped with the right set of skills to be the most effective and want to ensure these are continually developing and evolving as they progress within their current or future roles.

Many skills can be taught through traditional theory-based training modules and this is indeed a great starting point. But when it comes to training leaders and managers or project managers, the key skills required are often on a much more human element: authenticity, empathy, assertiveness, resilience, visionary, positivity, confidence. These skills cannot simply be taught, they need to be developed through experience.

Experiential Learning

Experience is universal, we all experience things on a daily basis but reflecting and developing from an experience is much more powerful. This is what experiential learning is and is one of the most powerful tools in the development of people, particularly leaders. Yet, it is quite often overlooked in many development programmes. Why is this? This can be put down partly to the ‘quick fix approach’ to some programmes as well as the belief that once leaders are equipped with the set of basic skills or theories to do the day job, the progress will come naturally; there is no doubt that leaders will grow through this approach, but they can very quickly veer off course, being in danger of feeling lost in the daily mission, diverted into fire-fighting and potentially losing confidence, motivation and focus.

We all experience things on a daily basis but reflecting and developing from an experience is much more powerful!
Action Learning Sets and Experiential Learning

At Questline, our leadership development programmes focus on creating the appropriate space, time and environment for experiential learning to take place. One of our main objectives is to create a sustainable way of learning and development and Action learning and Action learning sets are at the centre of our approach, with each facilitated set utilising the experiential learning model. Leaders learn through doing, discussing and solving their own problems and also learn through the experience of their peers.

The immediate outcome of this way of working is for the individual to emerge with actions to help solve a particular interference. Yet action learning sets do much more than that; whilst designing solutions and discussing causal links, they create a circle of trust amongst a leadership cohort allowing delegates to heighten and hone skills in powerful, open questioning designed to raise awareness, and challenge assumptions and beliefs, deepening their understanding of what might be done differently. This double loop of learning provides a powerful framework for true experiential and reflective learning, which delegates can take forward and build upon way beyond our partnership.

Coaching and Experiential Learning

Coaching is an ideal development approach to partner experiential learning. An expert coach is not there to provide answers and quick fixes, they hold the space, accountability and provide challenge in a non-judgemental, neutral and supportive way, all in the spirit of personal and organisational growth.

The Role of the Questline Coach and Facilitator in Experiential Learning

At Questline, we create and curate the time and space for our partners with expert coaches and facilitators. This accountability ensures the ‘axe can be sharpened whilst still chopping the firewood’.

Educational Leaders

Our coaches and facilitators are experts in guiding leaders through the experiential learning process and our programmes are designed to re-define what effective leadership means to them, focussing upon the art of leadership — the emotional intelligence which will enhance the leadership experience for our partners, their team and organisations.

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