Have you achieved more than you think this week?

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Have you achieved more than you think this week?

 Lets start by revisiting how learning and perspective are linked to making progress and achievement. 

Here is our take; ask yourself the question - what have I achieved this week? For some of you the answer could be readily available, yet for others, achievements and milestones can be hard to identify. 

We follow the principle that even if the day or week has felt 'gritty' and progress seemingly non-existent, there has always been and will always be opportunities to learn. By regularly asking 'what have we learnt' we can focus not on the perceived problems, obstacles or what has gone or is likely to go wrong but on opportunities to grow and develop. This provides us with an open mind and a wider context; an eye on the bigger picture that could be our company vision, the project goal and even personal objectives. Above all it keeps the daily or weekly mission firmly in perspective. 

So acknowledging learning points and with a wider context, the question 'What have I achieved this week' can be answered more readily. Drawing a line around this clear progress, celebrating little victories as well as helping us to look at what is next, moves us forward beyond the feeling of inertia and creates more opportunities to learn and so the cycle continues.

So what does that give us as a neat by-product? Momentum! Momentum is an intangible feeling (like confidence..more on that later) that can encourage other aspects to gain traction - self belief, self assurance, resilience, team-work...

OK, so we know that there is a lot more that can (and will) be discussed  - throw in, self awareness, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, goal setting, prioritisation..the list goes on although for now the question is:

What's Next

In the spirit of marginal gains (i.e. making small incremental changes)

  • Can you try building in learning or self-reflection time to your calendar - Friday afternoons are a good slot.
  • Have you tried a mind map (we love mind maps) to sketch your week - what have you learnt - What have you achieved - What's next? 
  • Can you add an agenda item to your weekly team meeting to capture what has gone really well and what are the learning points for you and the team.
  • Can you ensure your project programme has sufficient reflection points built-in - driving forward relentlessly can create missed learning opportunities.
  • or actually nothing (this is valid as long as you consciously make the choice)

Whatever you choose, keep making progress and let us know if you have any suggestions or would like to contribute to the next issue of Views from the Lighthouse.

Best Wishes


Anthony Nellis