Introduction to Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Bookings open for our monthly workshops


We have received a lot of demand for a module to introduce the concepts of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and give participants a flavour of what development of Emotional Intelligence entails. After successful delivery of this workshop to organisations, we are delighted to offer a virtual monthly workshop as part of our INSIGHT programme available to individual participants.


This 3- hour workshop will run once a month with a maximum of 25 places available.  It is ideal for anyone who is looking to understand the concepts of Emotional Intelligence and learn and trial new approaches within the workplace.


Module Content
  • Be introduced to the concept of emotional intelligence
  • Discover the neuroscience of emotional intelligence
  • Explore the role emotions play in our decisions, behaviour and performance
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  • Explore the type of events that trigger emotions and the type of behavioural responses we make
  • Be introduced to two models and strategies to better understand how we can influence positive decisions and behaviours in the workplace
20/09/2022 (10am-1pm) zoom platform
18/10/2022 (10am- 1pm) zoom platform
15/09/2022 (10am- 1pm) zoom platform

DiSC and GENOS EI Certified Instructors

All our instructors are DiSC and GENOS Emotional intelligence certified, meaning they are experts in understanding how human elements can  impact performance, motivation, team dynamics and ultimately success. Our specialist knowledge will allow you to gain a greater understanding of development areas that could help further your performance as well as build better relationships with your peers.


Understand the Fundamentals

This course is designed for any individual who is looking to gain a fundamental understanding of emotional intelligence in the workplace and how to use this knowledge to maximise team cohesion, efficiency and nurture an emotionally intelligent workplace.


Practical and Conceptual Approaches

Come away with practical new approaches to promoting and developing emotional intelligence in the workplace. Develop a conceptual knowledge of the role emotions play in our decisions, behaviour, and performance. Gain a better understanding of how to engage with different individuals in your team in a more productive way.

Questline Ltd is a Genos Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner