GENOS Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Online 180 emotional intelligence assessment for yourself and your team debriefed by a certified EI coach.

Questline's principles in Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, understand and manage our emotions and the emotions of others. More and more, emotional intelligence is recognised as the most important factor of success in the workplace and in particular in leadership effectiveness.

By booking an Emotional intelligence assessment with us you will undertake an online 180 emotional intelligence assessment by answering a set of questions and asking your team to do the same. This will generate your individual report which will be debriefed by a certified EI coach to better understand yourself and identify key development actions that you can take to further enhance your emotional intelligence and grow as a leader.

Developing staff, in particular leaders in an organisation is at the forefront of organisational priorities. Organisations want to ensure their staff are equipped with the right set of skills to be the most effective and want to ensure these are continually developing and evolving as they progress within their current or future roles.

When looking at effective leadership, the key skills required are often on a human element: authenticity, empathy, assertiveness, resilience, visionary, positivity, confidence. Emotional intelligence underlies this set of skills and forms a fundamental part of leadership effectiveness.

GENOS Emotional Intelligence Assessments Include:

  • 1X introduction call
  • 1X 180 assessment involving a self-assessment and an assessment carried out by your team
  • 1X pd report
  • 1X 90 minute debrief with a certified coac
The Delegates
Team leaders
Future team leaders
Project Managers
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased awareness of others
  • Increased resilience
  • Great staff engagement
  • Increase in positive influence
Programme from £450
Prices currently discounted at a start rate of £450 + VAT

It is a proven fact that emotionally intelligent leaders have teams that are more engaged and therefore more productive. Furthermore, emotionally intelligent leaders are more resilient, confident and satisfied in the workplace.

Programme from £450

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  • "I have learned to channel challenges to opportunities”
    "I can now rationalise open discussions which has improved my communication and management styles to work more efficiently with the team.”

    MH- Project Manager

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  • "Engaging and insightful"
    "The opportunity to reflect on ones' emotional intelligence in the workplace has proven to be invaluable, perhaps the most important course I have ever undertaken.”

    DC, Deputy Head

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  • "It has been a brilliant programme"
    "I have made space and challenged my thinking. The benefit to the organisation is that I am a more effective leader now”.

    NB, CEO

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    Stephanie Nellis

    I am passionate about collaborative leadership and the power of learning through doing rather than through theory. I believe that leadership is an art which cannot be taught through theory. Each leader needs to develop their own formula for dealing with issues, for communicating and for achieving the performance of their team.

    I focus on creating the environment for leaders to develop that formula in a challenging yet supportive environment.

    As a facilitator and coach, I am calm, empathetic and approachable. I know when to intervene but more importantly when to say nothing at all, even during those awkward silences to allow amazing things to unfold. There is nothing more rewarding than to be quietly witnessing great leaders grow in front of your very eyes.

    My previous experience as senior manager means that I have witnessed first-hand the daily challenges of leadership and have experienced the impact that great leadership development initiatives can make on individuals, teams and organisations.

    In my spare time I enjoy spending time in the great outdoors and the peace that it can bring (if both dogs and both children are in the right mood)!

    Steph is an accomplished team builder and developer of people.  I have seen her work with new and existing teams, successfully supporting and leading their transition from the formation or ‘crisis response’ stage to stability and performance.” MS, Senior Manager

    • 10 years experience as senior manager of large teams in the UK civil service
    • 8 years experience as an internal coach and facilitator
    • GENOS EI and Wellbeing practitioner
    • ILM accredited Action Learning facilitator
    • Qualified systemic team coach
    • Accredited Facet 5 practitioner
    • Accredited DISC practitioner
    • 360 feedback provider and coach
    • Level 1 coaching accreditations with Performance Consultants International (PCI)
    • Working with teams and individuals
    • Development Principles focussing on:
      • Experiential Learning
      • Action Learning facilitation
      • 1:1 Coaching
      • Emotional Intelligence and Awareness
      • Collaborative leadership
    Anthony Nellis

    I love working with forward thinking organisations, teams and individuals who want to learn, develop and make real progress. I emphasise strengths rather than weaknesses and have found that raising awareness and reframing challenges can save lots of emotional and physical energy which can be diverted in meaningful change and more impact.

    I believe change and transition should ultimately be an exciting and rewarding experience, rather than one to fear and dread. This is a firm foundation in my partnerships ensuring delegates are relaxed and at ease therefore more likely to embrace and sustain the learning.

    As a performance coach I strive to create a culture of growth and progress and am not afraid to challenge and support delegates, teams and organisations in the spirit of enhancing their development journey.

    My experience working in agile transformations has influenced my applied methods which centre around sustainable progress and I have worked with senior management, Educational Leaders, business owners as well as being a Mentor with VirgingStarUp, helping new businesses to succeed.

    In my spare time I enjoy triathlon and am currently going through the British Triathlon Coaching accreditations.

    • 20 years involved in agile projects and business transformation initiatives
    • Successfully completed Level 3 performance coaching accreditations with Performance Consultants International (PCI)
    • Achieved International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accreditations
    • Enjoy working with teams and individuals
    • Development Principles focussing on:
      • Experiential Learning
      • Emotional Intelligence and Awareness
      • Performance Coaching
      • Principled, value driven leadership
      • Agility and responsiveness