Our involvement

Questline was approached by a leading ecological consultancy firm to deliver a leadership programme to 2 senior ecologists who were transitioning to a role with more leadership and management responsibility.


Our IMPACT programme was designed to offer a blend of approaches such as coaching and emotional intelligence assessments to enhance awareness, increase resilience and develop leadership qualities.

The Process

Questline’s engagement was over 6 months with a blend of workshops and 1-1 coaching sessions.

Initial meeting with directors to agree programme objectives and goals

Introduction workshop focusing on key concepts of emotional intelligence, leadership and resilience

Emotional intelligence assessment to identify key development areas

5X fortnightly 1-1 coaching sessions to build on goals and experiential learning

Mid-point workshop to share experiences and review goals

5 X fortnightly 1-1 coaching sessions to further expand on goals and experiential learning

Finalisation workshop to land the learning and discuss continuation of learning and progress

Creation of a unique learning blueprint to keep momentum

What participants said about their experience of IMPACT

“The Impact Leadership Training Programme has genuinely been life changing. Within the space of six months, I have gained perspective on my abilities, and how to make better use of them to become the best possible leader I can be. Improving my self-awareness has had the biggest impact on how I am engaging with not only myself, but my team, and others in my life. I am so excited to continue this journey, and I am so thankful for the opportunity I have had to complete this course. This is definitely a course I will be recommending to everyone!”- JS, Focus Environmental Consultants

“Working through the leadership programme with Questline has been a game changer in all aspects of my life. Before the programme I didn’t realise it, but I was setting myself up for failure by giving myself unrealistic goals which only made me feel stressed, anxious, less productive and efficient and feel deflated when I didn’t achieve them. With the programme, the focus on mindfulness really resonated with me and throughout the sessions, Steph has taught me tools and skills that I can easily apply and keep carrying forward to help me set realistic goals, become more self aware, reduce my stress levels and anxiety, and allow me to develop into my role as a senior mentor for my colleagues. Steph challenges you, and because of that I went to saying ‘I have no confidence’ and ‘I don’t do public speaking’ to doing a business presentation in front of 10 people two weeks later! Can’t thank Steph enough for all her help!- NW, Focus Environmental Consultants