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Development Leadership Skills through Experiential Learning. So Your Staff Discover What "Greatness" Feels Like

What do HR Leaders Aim for?

We know HR leaders have the support of their staff and organisations at the forefront of their minds. They want to constantly build the critical skills and competencies of staff and put in place great development opportunities to achieve this. They place great importance in developing leadership skills in an organisation as well as staff with strong change management skills. They strive to be collaborative with all teams, to be excellent communicators and to deliver strong feedback. They themselves want to learn continuously and further their skills as well as put in place opportunities for staff in organisations to do the same. Above all they want to continue to make a positive impact!

When looking at development opportunities in an organisation, certain factors can become obstacles- budget constraints, high staff turnover, rapid pace of change and a large volume of internal training requirements. With this in mind, HR Leaders need to implement development programmes that are the most effective, most in line with the business strategy and offer the most value for money.

In a climate of constant change and shifting goal posts, a leader needs to be able to be adaptable, flexible and be trusted to solve any problems that comes their way.
So What Can Make the Greatest Impact?

Whilst theory-based training is an important foundation for developing leadership skills and change management skills in an organisation, the greater impact on leaders in an organisation may lie elsewhere. In a climate of constant change and shifting goal posts, a leader needs to be able to be adaptable, flexible and be trusted to solve any problems that comes their way. Being that type of leader is not something that can only be learned through theory and books, it needs to be experienced and felt.

Experiential learning as the source of learning and development is perhaps the greatest tool available to HR Leaders in any organisation. HR Leaders should both adopt this development approach themselves and look to implement it as part of any training programmes, whether that be for new leaders, experienced leaders or change enablers in their organisation.

Experiential Learning as the Source of Learning and Development

Questline’s programmes for leaders, new leaders and project professionals offer a different dimension to learning. We focus on experiential learning, we explore and dissect every-day problems that leaders face and offer the time, space and environment to self-reflect, learn from these experiences and take action. We build a network of peer-leaders who can go through this way of learning together, learn from each other and take this back to their organisations as a way of working for the future. We focus on the human element of leadership, raising awareness and developing emotional intelligence to help leaders reach greater resilience and staff engagement.

Through our development programmes, we challenge autopilot, routine and status quo. We encourage delegates to creatively take on perceived barriers to progress by raising awareness beyond the daily mission and understand the bigger picture. Our INSIGHT programme can help leaders assess their emotional intelligence and create action plans to further develop this essential leadership skill.

We build momentum through experiential development and marginal gains carried out in the clients’ own workplace — developing leadership skills and change management skills whilst solving real world problems.

Our coaches and facilitators are experts in guiding leaders and are designed to re-define what effective leadership means to them, focussing upon the art of leadership — the emotional intelligence which will enhance the leadership experience for our partners, their team and organisations.

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