Our MD takes on the Cotswold Classic Half-Iron distance as part of our TEN4CCP Challenge

Well that was a challenge - 1.2m (1.9km) lake swim, 56m (90km) bike ride and a 13.1m (21.1km) run to finish. A lot of learning to take away from the event - the tranquility of the lake to the mental challenge of the bike. Running is my strong suit but a different proposition after the gruelling, seemingly never ending ride and who said it wad flat:-) All I can say is the support throughout the course was amazing and the unwitting dog walkers who helped me through cramp at 7 miles into the run were a blessing. Knowing I was running for CCP certainly helped the last half of the run and the surprise welcoming party (holding a Doom Bar) was a massive rush. Bring on the Full Iron distance next year - a rest though I think!

Thanks for all the support



Anthony Nellis